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ACL Airshop is a leading worldwide provider of cargo control and air freight management products and services for the aviation industry.

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Custom ULD Solutions from ACL Airshop ACL Airshop provides unique products and services to numerous leading air carriers, operating on six continents at more than half of the world's top fifty air cargo hub airports. ACL Airshop operates in five pillars of highly complementary business segments: ULD Leasing, ULD Sales, ULD Repairs, Cargo Nets & Straps Manufacturing, and ULD Control. A vertically integrated operation, ACL Airshop manufactures air cargo products at its FAA-approved production facility in Easley, SC, USA.

Products + Services

Comprehensive Solutions for Air Freight Transportation

ULD Containers, cargo pallets, straps, nets, hardware, and other cargo-specific control products are made globally available 24/7/365 at our extensive network of air hubs around the world. ACL Airshop also provides innovative leasing programs and ULD control, management and tracking services, and operates FAA/EASA approved repair stations in multiple locations (now including Narita) to repair and overhaul these assets.
ULD Air Cargo Containers
ULD Leasing ACL Airshop provides ULD Leasing, ULD Sales, ULD Repairs, and ULD Control services at leading air cargo hub airports around the globe, offering a comprehensive network of just-in-time availability solutions for your priority air freight transport requirements.
Air Cargo Pallets
Cargo Pallets We stock an extensive array of new and used air cargo pallets for most any freight size or load requirement, offering a large selection on-site with a variety of configurations available to fit the most common aircraft with priority service and scalable on-demand delivery.
Air Cargo Nets
Cargo Nets ACL Airshop is the only company in the world to manufacture air cargo nets on computer controlled, automated production equipment, achieving tolerances not attainable by manual labor. Our cargo nets are made in using 100% first quality 2600 denier material and feature a two-year warranty.
Air Cargo Straps
Cargo Straps We procure only the highest quality raw materials and control the production process from start to finish. The result is simply the highest quality cargo strap you can buy. All ACL Airshop straps are manufactured to strict Federal Aviation Administration compliance.
Horse and Animal Air Transport Containers and Services
Animal Transport ACL Airshop leases and sells containers and penning systems for horses and various other type of animals. Our animal flight containers include all necessary materials and equipment required for safe transport, and if needed we can also provide you with a professional groom.
VAR Car Racks Air Transport
VRA Car Racks For car and automobile air transport needs, we provide customizable pallets and VRA car rack systems that can accomodate most any size vehicle, providing ultimate safety and security during flight. Our cargo nets and straps also offer more extensive tie-down solutions as required.
Cargo Control Products Manufacturing ACL Airshop cargo straps and nets are built to last in compliance with stringent FAA-standards.
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Our ULD lease program provides the flexibility to obtain ULD equipment where you need it and when you need it, offering advantages in capital expenditure and tax deductibility. Flexible term lengths are available.
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We offer an extensive variety of Unit Loading Devices (ULD) for airlines, providing new and used containers in addition to selling all brands available in the marketplace. We can stock equipment at airports accross the US and Europe.
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Our ULD repair facility holds current certifications from EASA (Part 145) as well as FAA (FAR145) for the repair of all types of containers, pallets and nets. Our qualified, highly skilled workforce has years of experience with ULD repair.
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ACL Airshop has valuable experience in ULD control, ownership, manufacture, repair and maintenance services. We can reduce your overall ULD costs and help enhance your company's operational efficiency.
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Airlines Around the World Depend on ACL Airshop for Reliable Air Cargo + Freight Management Solutions