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ACL Airshop ULD Tracking and ULD Control

ULD Tracking

ACL Airshop provides COREInsight® Bluetooth ULD Tracking technology for cargo control and tagging of carrier shipments, air cargo management, asset tracking and reporting solutions.

ACL Airshop ULD Tracking and ULD Control

Can You Find Your Valuable Assets?

Airlines worldwide have valuable assets in their Unit Load Devices (ULD), pallets, containers, as well as the cargo loaded in the ULD equipment. Keeping track of these assets can now be made easier and cheaper by tagging the ULD units using COREInsight®. With a COREInsight tagged ULD supplemented with a suite of web based reports, a carrier can visually update their systems regarding allocation of the ULD as well as the shipments carried within the unit. You now see, in real-time, the location of ULDs and relationally the cargo loaded on or inside them. Tagged ULDs effectively link freight and mail shipments to the ULD equipment which adds another dimension to automated shipment tracking without physical inventory.

ACL Airshop ULD Tracking and ULD Control

Take Control

You can take control of your ULDs with COREInsight®. This system provides the latest in Bluetooth tracking sensor technology with database software that provides complete visibility of your assets and which station they are located (inventory). COREInsight® tracking has a proven track record of successfully reducing operating expenses and capital expenses.

Tracking is Key

COREInsight's technology is a new entrant in knowing where your ULD inventory is located in the worldwide transportation network. COREInsight's tags report to our global network of readers and let you know exactly when and where an individual ULD (or shipment) has arrived and departed. COREInsight® locates your ULDs using Bluetooth technology. Also, through relational software, the tracking continues for shipments carried inside and on a carrier's ULD equipment providing additional knowledge to convey to your customers. For customers, tracking their shipments has become a novelty of late, you order a package and then the thrill sets in of watching as the shipment makes its way to your location.

ACL Airshop ULD Tracking and ULD Control

Solid Reporting

From the collection of data from tracking devices and transmissions from our readers, COREInsight® can present a custom designed dashboard, giving you a visual of important touch points in your system. Also with the portability of the data, carriers can update their owned systems with COREInsight® tracking data. Your system that tracks air waybills or pet shipments or mail shipments or small package can now be automatically be updated with COREInsight®.

Proactive Insight for Better Asset Management

In coordination with the COREInsight's tags and readers, carriers can make proactive decisions in regards to updating inventories of ULD equipment at individual locations. Also, with the relational capabilities offered, carriers can make decisions to change shipment routings real time, detour away from problem hubs, switch to alternative airports and provide customers with the real-time status updates on shipments traveling through the network to their locations.

ACL Airshop ULD Tracking and ULD Control

Instant Insights. Powerful Data + Analytics.

COREInsight® ULD service tracks these valuable assets in real-time. Each ULD is equipped with a COREInsight® Bluetooth tag. The tags are attached to existing equipment per the manufacturer's and the air carrier's specification without having to re-certify the ULD. Once the tag is attached, no other human intervention is necessary. Readers are strategically placed throughout the facility to give you real-time visibility of your ULD inventory. There is no need for line of sight with the units or the need for handheld scanners, thus reducing replacement costs for scanners.

The data is transmitted to the COREInsight® Global Network via cellular or Wi-Fi connections. Subscribers to the network can access the status of their ULDs anytime, anywhere – through desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones or any Internet-enabled device.

The status can be anything from in-transit, in a serviceable or un-serviceable staging area or out of service in a repair station. The dashboard shows the entire ULD network or the subscriber can drill down to the individual stations or even a specific ULD.

ACL Airshop ULD Tracking and ULD Control

Ground Service Equipment Monitoring

Tags can also be added to any ground service equipment. As catering trucks, baggage tugs or de-icing equipment go zipping past the readers, they are also monitored on the COREInsight® ULD service. Just add a tag to the equipment, position readers strategically around the ramp, and the service will be able to spot and report on the tagged equipment.

ACL Airshop ULD Tracking and ULD Control

Built for the Future of Transportation

COREInsight® ULD was built to address a long-standing challenge of the world's major widebody operators in managing their ULD inventory. Many previous attempts at ULD tracking have been tried but none have been as successful as COREInsight's innovative ULD tracking technology. Our company's vision was to completely transform the air cargo supply chain by using advanced Bluetooth and RTLS technology. COREInsight® provides complete visibility of ULD and ground equipment with no human intervention and is a subscriber service developed specifically for the transportation industry.
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ACL Airshop offers COREInsight® Bluetooth ULD Tracking technology for cargo control and tagging of carrier shipments, asset tracking and reporting solutions.
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