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ACL Airshop Animals and Horses Air Transport Services

Animal Transport

ACL Airshop provides horse and animal air transport services around the globe, with an emphasis on safe and professional care throughout transport.

With over 38 years of experience, animal safety and security throughout transport is exceptional.

In 1979, founder Alex Nichols began shipping horses by air, quickly growing the business to what would later become ACL Airshop with operations on 6 continents at more than half of the world's top fifty air cargo hub airports.
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We provide you professional, well-trained grooms, educated under equine veterinarians. Each horse receives unique care and custom placement depending on gender and size. Additionally, we also offer collapsible stalls to save space and money. A single position can fit 4 stacked stalls for your return trip.

In addition to horses, we offer solutions for all types of livestock. The equipment can be purchased, leased or specialized for your needs.

Our ULD lease program provides the flexibility to obtain ULD equipment where you need it and when you need it, offering advantages in capital expenditure and tax deductibility. Flexible term lengths are available.
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We offer an extensive variety of Unit Loading Devices (ULD) for airlines, providing new and used containers in addition to selling all brands available in the marketplace. We can stock equipment at airports accross the US and Europe.
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Our ULD repair facility holds current certifications from EASA (Part 145) as well as FAA (FAR145) for the repair of all types of containers, pallets and nets. Our qualified, highly skilled workforce has years of experience with ULD repair.
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ACL Airshop has valuable experience in ULD control, ownership, manufacture, repair and maintenance services. We can reduce your overall ULD costs and help enhance your company's operational efficiency.
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Airlines Around the World Depend on ACL Airshop for Reliable Air Cargo + Freight Management Solutions